Bringing you a comprehensive diagnosis and care of all dermatologic conditions. Give yourself the freedom to live the life you want.

  •  Mesotherapy
  • Botox & fillers
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Thermage
  •  Laser Hair Treatment

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Our Obstetrics and Gynecology (often abbreviated to OB/GYN, OBG, O&G or Obs & Gynae) Department provides a full range of OB/Gyn services to meet the health needs of women in Qatar throughout their lives. OB/GYN are the two surgical–medical specialties dealing with the female reproductive organs in their pregnant and non-pregnant state. Obstetricians and Gynecologists are fully certified with many years of experience caring for women.



Parents only want the best for their children, so bring yours to Pediatric Services of  Occumed Polyclinic, Qatar for pediatric services.

Some of our services include:

• Consultation
• Nebulization
• oxygen nebulization,
• nebulizer nebulization


Diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck negatively impact the lives of millions around the world. Our health information, created by our member physicians, provides a basic overview of diagnoses and treatments for many of these conditions.

Our services include:

• Ear: removal of cerumen, ear suction, removal of foreign body from the ear, ear pack,
• Nose, pharynx, throat, removal of foreign body from nose, nasal su tion, nasal pack, cauterization of nasal.