Appointment Setting in SystmOne

Testing takes place in worker’s. accommodation.

ID Presentation

Worker presents their QID/Passport at the medical test center at their accommodation.

Pre-prepared & Tests performed

The worker is given pre-printed labels & blood vials. Workers present to a medical professional. Blood tests are taken and biometric data is recorded & input into SystmOne


Blood tests are sent to a lab in batches every 2 hours. The results are analyzed and uploaded to SystmOne. Results are automatically matched to each worker record.

Reports Generated

A medical report is generated by SystmOne. Workers are risk assessed based on lab & biometric data and flagged accordingly. Workers at higher risk with red & amber flags receive a priority doctor follow-up. Referrals are initiated where appropriate in SystmOne

Report Automation

Medical Result Reporting

Population Analysis

Relevant data shared to SystmOne.